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Basic Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Program
The Tukiendorf Training Institute offers a Basic Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program for individual’s who want to work in the medical field.  CNA’s work primarily in nursing homes to give daily care that patients expect and deserve.

General Objectives:
This course is designed to train health care assistants in basic skills
necessary to assist nurses in a variety of health care settings and to be efficient health care team members.
The Basic Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Program provided by Tukiendorf Training Institute prepares the student for Illinois Certification as a CNA. It is designed to provide the student with nursing theory, laboratory and clinical experience necessary to work as a CNA in a variety of health care settings.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:
Certified Nursing Assistants are health care professionals who work in a variety
of health care settings under the direction of a licensed nurse. Job responsibilities include assisting with personal hygiene and grooming (for example, bathing, dressing, nail care), mobility (transferring, positioning, ambulation), nutritional and elimination needs (feeding, bedpans, emptying urine collection bags), comfort activities (back rubs, answering call lights, maintaining privacy), assessment and care planning (vital signs, collecting specimens, recording and reporting observations), safety and environmental cleanliness (keeping environment clean, maintaining infection control, caring for equipment), and miscellaneous tasks (transporting residents, delivering specimens, assisting with special procedures).
Attendance Policy
Regular attendance is essential to succeed in the CNA program. Zero absences will be permitted.  The program consists of 90 classroom theory hours. The classroom portion of the program involves lecture/lab sessions with specific clinical applications.
Successful program completion also requires 45 hours of clinical hours at a nursing home. Students demonstrate specific knowledge and basic skills competencies in a real-life setting.
Clinical experience must be successfully completed under the supervision of instructors in order to graduate from the program and receive certification from the state of Illinois. Clinical schedules will vary.
Students receive 135 hours of classroom and clinical instruction  (90 theory/45 clinical) which enables graduates to master the State of Illinois certification exam to become a Certified Nurse Aide.

Admission Requirements:
- High school diploma or GED
- Ability to pass a nationwide criminal background check
- Students must meet vaccination and program specified health requirements in compliance with the Centers for Disease Control guidelines.
- Complete a general physical exam.
-Current (within one year) evaluation by a physician or nurse practitioner to ensure student and patient safety. 
- Ability to lift a minimum of 50 pounds and to reach overhead.
- Ability to stand or walk for long periods.

This program meets both Illinois State and federal curriculum requirements for nursing assistant certification. Once certified, graduates are eligible for employment in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, retirement/assisted living facilities, adult family homes, and in-home health care.

Grading Policy:
Skills are practiced in the program laboratory. Clinical experience occurs in acute hospitals and/or skilled nursing facilities.

To help ensure your success in passing the certification examination, you can repeat part or all of this course at no additional cost to you!

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