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The Tukiendorf Training Institute, Inc. offers a Medical Laboratory Assistant program for individual’s that desire to work in the healthcare field.  Medical Lab Assistant’s work in: medical centers, hospital laboratories, outpatient laboratories and research laboratories. Medical Lab Assistants are trained in all aspects of medical laboratory procedures and protocols including: phlebotomy, specimen processing, quality control and regulations.  Medical Lab Assistants assist other laboratory personnel, doctors & staff and patients.  Duties may also include: computer and typing skills and performance of assistant level testing according to the standard operating protocols of the facility.  Job growth is expected to be faster than average, with the number of clinical lab workers rising about 16% per year. Also, retirements and turnover will lead to more job opportunities and more rapid group will be in private diagnostic labs and physicians’ offices.

Prerequisites: Completion of certified phlebotomy technician is required prior to taking the Medical Lab Assistant program.

General Objectives: This course is designed to train Medical Laboratory Assistants (MLA’s) in the basic skills necessary to perform laboratory functions and tasks and to be efficient and effective health care team members.  In addition, the phlebotomy technician component will allow the individual to perform the skills of a certified phlebotomist.  This comprehensive program is designed to provide the student with basic medical laboratory theory and practical and clinical experience to work in a variety of healthcare environments.  Classroom instruction and practicals will be held at Tukiendorf Training Institute, Inc. and the clinical portion will be held at local community-based clinics, medical offices and hospitals.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to: Medical Laboratory Assistants are healthcare professionals who work in a variety of healthcare settings under the direction of a medical technician and laboratory director.  Job responsibilities include: how to properly set up laboratory equipment, testing procedures and maintenance of laboratory equipment i.e. microscopes, centrifuges, autoclaves and auto analyzers, etc.  Medical lab assistants also know and understand the fundamentals and  procedures of the laboratory; quality control protocols in the lab; medical terminology as well as OSHA/Infection control and HIPPA compliance.

Program admission requirements:

  • High school Diploma o GED certificate
  • Complete the enrollment agreement and pay a $60.0 registration fee.
  • Complete a general physical exam (form at school), documentation of recent Two-step TB skin test, proof of Hepatis B vaccine or antigen & antibodies report.  Students are responsible for all cost associated with meeting these physical requirements. (Physicals must be completed within first 4 weeks of class start.

Program Description: Medical Laboratory Assistant’s must complete all the components of the program.  The program components are:
1. Basic Laboratory Techniques
2. Clinical Laboratory Specializations
3. Clinical portion will consist of 56 hours of training at offsite lab

To help ensure your success in passing the certification examination, you can repeat part or all of this course at no additional cost to you!

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