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EKG Technician

EKG Technician
General Objectives

EKG Technicians are responsible for performing electrocardiogram tests in hospitals and physician offices. These tests are used to monitor and record electrical impulses transmitted by the heart. This course provides the student with instructions for collecting information and data about a patient’s heart using electrocardiography.

After finishing the program, the student should be able to:
  • demonstrate knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the Cardiovascular
  • be able to identify the phases of the cardiac cycle
  • demonstrate the ability to recognize normal and abnormal EKGs
  • be able to properly set up ECG equipment
  • list the important information that must be included on the ECG report
  • demonstrate the basic understanding of the pharmacology of drugs commonly used 
 in the treatment of cardiac disorders.

Each course ends with the exam that is conducted at TTI. After passing the test
each student receives NHA (National Healthcareer Association) certificate, which is recognized and accepted in every state in the country.